About Limitless Bliss

How Sacred Earth Magick enhances your journey

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls" — Joseph Campbell

About Ashima Ananda and Sacred Earth Magick

Ashima Ananda means limitless bliss and is a state of pure joy, happiness, and contentment even in the midst of difficult circumstances; one that is beyond the reach of the conscious mind, and is intended to be experienced through accessing the divine. At Sacred Earth Magick we often describe it as a state of oneness, where the individual feels the interconnection to everything and everyone. A state of being that is eternal and unchanging; one that, through practice, is always present - where there is no separation between the self and the Self and there is no judgment, no criticism and no fear.

Sacred Earth Magick’s mission is to provide materials and products that serve our clientele in their pursuit of the divine and to help the seeker to uncover their innate enlightenment.

Dive Deeply into the Chakra System

Our products and materials take the practitioner deeply into the Chakra system by providing journal prompts, mantras, guided meditations, workbook exercises, tactile tools, olfactory receptor engagement, and detailed characteristics of the spiritual journey that are intended to be studied and practiced in order to gain an enhanced comprehension and an advanced knowledge of the Chakra System and how that system is vital to a more complete understanding of the profound effect they can assert on their journey in this time-space reality. 

With consistent practice, the tools and products that Sacred Earth Magick offers can lead to life-changing benefits like increased happiness, a more fulfilling life, & a deeper connection to yourself and to others.

Limitless Bliss is Your Birthright

Remember, limitless bliss is your birthright. It lives within you and is waiting, even eager, for your attention. Nurturing and growing your spiritual journey can reveal to you that all you need is already inside you. Through repetitive practice, bringing awareness to Ashima Ananda (Limitless Bliss) opens up for you a new and altogether astonishing inner world reality. The practice is to open yourself up to the possibilities and allow the energy unfettered access and through your practices enjoy an uninterrupted energy flow. 

No matter how you experience it Ashima Ananda is a state of being that is truly transformative. It can change your life for the better in ways that you never thought possible.