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Lovingly handcrafted tools & products designed to help bring your practices into focus and encourage you as you continue to walk your spiritual path toward uncovering and recognizing your innate enlightenment

"You cannot change your circumstances, the world, or your society to suit you. But if you have strength and determination you can go through this procession of life very successfully." - Swami Rama

About Ashima Ananda

Many years ago I embarked on a journey toward enlightenment. But if you had asked me what I was doing or learning back then, I would not have had the words to describe it. I only knew that I needed to find something that would act as a key to a broader and deeper understanding of myself and my place in this time space reality.
Through my practices, I've developed my gifts and abilities beyond even the wildest ideas I had when I began my journey. I have faced adversity and I have experienced good fortune. Through it all, my practices have continued to sustain me and to be a source of comfort to me. My journey toward uncovering my understanding of my own enlightenment continues to this day. I have fallen in love with my practices and myself by extension. Every day I learn something new.

My hope is that the items I offer here do a bit of the same for you. I see the things that I offer as gifts to those that have the same hunger I experienced 20 years ago and still experience today.

As you find your way through your world, keep in mind these words spoken by Swami Rama:

"The whole search for enlightenment is to seek within, to become aware that you are complete in yourself. You are perfect. You don't need any externals. No matter what happens in any situation, you need never be lonely."