Cultivate your Curiosity & Boost your Practices

At the moment we are drawn into language, we are as intensely alive as we can be; we create and are created.  - N. Scott Momaday

Journal, Card Deck, Medallions & Chakra Bracelet

This set includes:

  • Chakra Journal & Workbook
  • Meditation and Reference Card Deck
  • Medallions
  • Chakra Symbol Bracelet

The Chakra Journal and Workbook boasts 18 full-color pages filled with practical information, activities & everyday practices likeMeditations, Chakra details, journaling prompts, pranayama practices
and much more…

The Chakra Meditation and Reference Card Deck is the resource I wish I'd had as I started studying and practicing the Chakra System. 

The Chakras information is clearly displayed in full color on quick reference cards you can use to build your practices. 

The cards are full color on both sides and include comprehensive information useful to building everyday meditation practices.

Each card illuminates sometimes opaque information like the seed sound that is associated with each chakra, the sanskrit name of each chakra and its corresponding location in your body, and three cascading definitions of each chakra from a very succinct explanation to a long-form definition, the colloquial name of each chakra, and a deeply resonant meditation designed to bring awareness to each chakra individually.

Depending on your practices, you can use these cards to craft a daily meditation at any duration you desire. The cards are informative but they leave room for your own personal practicing preferences.

Use these cards to build your lifestyle, boost your practices and cultivate your curiosity.

Balancing, harmonizing, & opening every chakra takes practice. These Chakra Medallions are meant to inspire you when you study the chakra system. 

Each medallion is hand-crafted and hand-painted and measures 1 1/2". 

The Chakra Medallions are meant to be used in any way you see fit. They can act as a focus for meditation and they are small enough to be carried with you as a reminder of your practices. You can also display them on your altar.

The medallions:

Help minimize distractions
Improve focus & relaxation
Reduce stress 
Improve energy flow
Enhance your overall chakra practices
The medallions are intended to help boost your practices and bring you a sense of calm. 

Chakra means wheel and this Chakra Symbol Bracelet is specifically designed with that in mind.

Each link on the bracelet is the symbol for each chakra. The links are double sided with the same symbol on each side. 

The brass details and large lobster class lend a solid feel to the bracelet.

It measures about 8" long

As you find your way through your world, keep in mind these words spoken by Swami Rama:  "The whole search for enlightenment is to seek within, to become aware that you are complete in yourself. You are perfect. You don't need any externals. No matter what happens in any situation, you need never be lonely."